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Smoke Opacity Testing

HOLT FILTRATION offers smoke opacity testing as required by California Air Resource Board (CARB).  In 1988 CARB adopted into law the Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP). The law was adopted in order to control excessive smoke emissions and tampering from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses.  The HDVIP requires heavy duty trucks and buses to be inspected for excessive smoke and tampering, and engine certification label compliance. Any heavy duty vehicle traveling in California, including vehicles registered in other states and foreign countries, may be tested.  Tests are performed by CARB inspection teams at border crossings, CHP weigh stations, fleet facilities and randomly selected roadside locations. Owners of trucks and buses found in violation are subject to a penalties stating at $300 per violation.

CARB also adopted into law the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP). The PSIP requires that diesel and bus fleet owners conduct annual smoke opacity inspections of their vehicles and repair those with excessive smoke emissions to ensure compliance. CARB randomly audits fleets, maintenance and inspection records and tests a representative sample of vehicles. All vehicles that do not pass the test must be repaired and retested. A fleet owner that neglects to perform the annual smoke opacity inspection on applicable vehicles is subject to a penalty of $500 per vehicle.

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