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DPF Cleaning Service

HOLT FILTRATION offers Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning service using state of the art FSX equipment. It is a good idea to have your DPF cleaned at least annually, depending on how you run your truck. When left uncleaned, soot and ash will collect and could damage or destroy the DPF. While soot and ash burn off as quickly as it accumulates when driving under load, it tends to accumulate and stay when idling or driving through slow-moving traffic.
A few key indicators that it is time for a professional cleaning are a loss in engine performance or an increase in frequency in regeneration cycles. With regular DPF cleanings you could see:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Extended filter life
  • Higher resale value if you decide to sell your truck at some point

A dirty filter may not sound like it could cause a lot of damage if left unattended, but you’d be surprised by how costly it could be. This makes cleaning a necessary part of maintenance. When you factor in that replacements cost thousands of dollars, plus the cost of unexpected downtime, neglecting this relatively simple process could greatly affect your bottom line.

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