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Industrial Air Filters

HOLT FILTRATION manufactures OEM replacement filters. Our brand of made to order heavy duty industrial filters are precision designed and manufactured at our facility in Central California to provide a perfect fit within the housing and 99.9% cleaning efficiency.  Each of our heavy duty industrial air filters are designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the original equipment they replace. Our filters provide effective protection against both engine damage and power loss. Contact us with the OEM filter number or specifications of the filter you wish to replace.

HOLT FILTRATION is committed to manufacturing a high quality industrial filter which will exceed standards of the OEM filters they replace.  As a small family owned company, we are also committed to providing exceptional customer service and working with each customer on a personal business level.

The goal of our Quality Control Program is to insure that each filter leaving our plant is consistently the highest quality we are capable of producing. The program begins with domestically sourced raw materials coming into the plant. Every new shipment of material is inspected and tested to insure that it meets our rigid specifications in order to manufacture the best possible quality filter for our customers.

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